Commit 6383fa07 authored by Michael Stadler's avatar Michael Stadler
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parent ef90b999
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ BiocManager::install(ask = FALSE)
# install additional packages and dependencies
pkgs <- c("batchelor", "BiocNeighbors", "Biostrings", "BSgenome", "coop", "dplyr", "e1071", "eisaR",
"fishpond", "GenomeInfoDb", "GenomeInfoDbData", "GenomicFeatures", "GenomicRanges",
"ggplot2", "IRanges", "keras", "knitr", "RColorBrewer", "reticulate", "rjson", "rmarkdown",
"ggplot2", "IRanges", "keras", "knitr", "", "RColorBrewer", "reticulate", "rjson", "rmarkdown",
"rsvd", "Rtsne", "scater", "scran", "Seurat", "SingleCellExperiment", "SummarizedExperiment",
"tensorflow", "tibble", "tidyr", "tximeta")
BiocManager::install(pkgs, ask = FALSE)
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