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Update install.R

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......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ install.packages(c("ade4", "anytime", "ape", "assertthat", "automap",
# or remotes::install_url() are problematic because they call GitHub API with
# limit of 60hits/hour and lead to broken RStudio when launched from JupyterHub)
install_from_url <- function(url) {
file <- basename(url)
file <- file.path("/home/rstudio", basename(url))
download.file(url, file)
install.packages(file, repos = NULL)
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ install.packages(c("blogdown", "convertr", "covr", "esquisse", "ggExtra",
# More useful package not used in the courses
install.packages(c("abind", "agricolae", "akima", "archivist",
"archivist.github", "arkdb", "babynames", "bench", "bmp", "callr",
"captioner", "corrr", "datapackage.r", "datasauRus", "digest", "distsr6",
"captioner", "corrr", "datapackage.r", "datasauRus", "digest", "distr6",
"dtplyr", "e1071", "egg", "emayili", "ensurer", "exams", "fastai", "fauxpas",
"fda", "feasts", "filehash", "filehashSQLite", "flashlight", "flextable",
"fs", "fst", "ftExtra", "future", "future.apply", "future.callr", "generics",
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