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......@@ -51,9 +51,6 @@ git remote add upstream
git pull upstream master
### 2. Fill our [registration form](
Registrations are not required before October 31st 2021, but highly [appreciated for the flow of information](
### 3. Make the project private
......@@ -72,18 +69,12 @@ description of your method.
### 4. Add the `s2saichallengescorer` user to your repo with Reporter permissions
The scorer follows the code shown in the [verification notebook]( The scorer's username on gitlab is `s2saichallengescorer`. You should add it to your project with `Reporter` permissions. Under "Members" - "Invite Members" - "GitLab member or Email address", add `s2saichallengescorer`. The scorer will only ever clone your repository and evaluate your submission. It will never make any changes to your code.
### 5. Add the `s2s-ai-challenge` topic to your repository
To add the project topic navigate to `Settings` -> `General` and then fill in the word `s2s-ai-challenge` in the
`Topics` field near the top of the page. If you have multiple topics you can separate them by commas.
This is optional and not required for now :)
This allows your repository to be recognized as a participant of the competition. Without
this project topic or if you have not added the scorer as a member of your project
the automated scoring bot will not evaluate any of your submissions and none of your code
or results will be considered for the competition.
## Make Predictions
### 6. Start jupyter on renku or locally
### 4. Start jupyter on renku or locally
The simplest way to contribute is right from the Renku platform -
just click on the `Environments` tab in your renku project and start a new session.
This will start an interactive environment right in your browser.
......@@ -98,7 +89,7 @@ renku project URLs - use `renku clone` to clone the project on whichever machine
Install [renku first with `pipx`](,
and then `renku clone$YOURNAME/s2s-ai-challenge-$GROUPNAME.git`
### 7. Train your Machine Learning model
### 5. Train your Machine Learning model
Get training data via
- [climetlab](
......@@ -108,12 +99,12 @@ Get corresponding observations/ground truth:
- [climetlab](
- IRIDL: [temperature]( and accumulated [precipitation](
### 8. Let the Machine Learning model perform subseasonal 2020 predictions
### 6. Let the Machine Learning model perform subseasonal 2020 predictions
and save them as `netcdf` files.
The submissions have to placed in the `submissions` folder with filename ``,
see [example](
### 9. `git commit` training pipeline and netcdf submission
### 7. `git commit` training pipeline and netcdf submission
For later verification by the organizers, reproducibility and scoring of submissions,
commit all code, input and output data. For the data files please use `git lfs`.
If you are unfamiliar with `git lfs` a short introduction can be found
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