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add visibility in collect_forks response

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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ One way to achieve this is to have the teacher create all private student groups
script: [teach_utils/](teach_utils/
usage: `python] students_moodle.csv`
usage: `python] students_moodle.csv`
### Gathering all forks of a project
......@@ -77,10 +77,15 @@ def get_last_commit_hash(
# Commits are sorted in reverse chronological order by default
# Assumes we're in UTC
utc = pytz.UTC
if deadline is None:
before_deadline = True
loc_deadline = utc.localize(datetime.fromisoformat(deadline))
for commit in commits:
if deadline is not None:
commit_date = datetime.fromisoformat(commit["authored_date"])
if (deadline is None) or (commit_date <= loc_deadline):
before_deadline = commit_date <= loc_deadline
if before_deadline:
return commit["id"]
return None
......@@ -90,10 +95,11 @@ def format_fork_metadata(
) -> Dict:
"""Format and add fields to a fork's metadata. The
resulting metadata will have the following fields:
id, http_url_to_repo, autostart_url, commit, members, group"""
id, http_url_to_repo, autostart_url, commit, members, visibility, group"""
meta = {
"id": fork["id"],
"url": fork["http_url_to_repo"],
"visibility": fork["visibility"],
"group": fork["namespace"]["full_path"],
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