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make additional metadata fields available in

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......@@ -106,8 +106,13 @@ def main(forks, feedback, token, template):
# Get basic fields from repo metadata in json
base, group, repo = parse_repo_url(fork["url"])
members = "\n".join([f"* {member['name']}" for member in fork["members"]])
fill_data = {"project": repo, "group": group, "members": members}
fill_data = {
"project": repo.removesuffix(".git"),
"group": group,
"members": members,
# add commit, url and visibility fields from fork data
fill_data |= {key: fork.get(key) for key in ["url", "commit", "visibility"]}
# If provided, get additional fields from feedback table
if feedback:
feedback_fields = (
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