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Update metadata.yml try again

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- 0.16.2
- null null Romain Guiet Romain Guiet '2022-04-27T06:39:20.723700+00:00' BIOP_VirtualMachine '9' false [] python-minimal '{"__template_source__":
"", "__template_ref__":
"0.2.1", "__template_id__": "python-minimal", "__namespace__": "guiet", "__automated_update__":
true, "__repository__": "", "__sanitized_project_name__":
"biop-virtualmachine", "__project_slug__": "guiet/biop-virtualmachine", "__renku_version__":
"0.16.2", "name": "BIOP_VirtualMachine"}' 0.2.1 ee01a22fe6cfb6b8af1f631919e784fa3efd5c6d
# Dummy file kept for backwards compatibility, does not contain actual version
'': '9'
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