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Please see [the documentation]( for
more details about Renku.
## How the images were built
So, the stack to build the images that work on Renku is a bit convoluted, so here is a description of the layers of layers that are involved. This is mostly left as a Memento to remind myself how I did. If I were to do it again, it would probably be worth organizing it all into one github repo.
First, we took an image from rocker (I think Carl Boettiger is to thank for these) and I uploaded it to my own dockerhub, like this:
docker pull rockerdev/rstudio:4.0.0
docker tag rockerdev/rstudio:4.0.0 markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0
docker push markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0
Second, I modified the earlier Bioconductor (many things had changed due to `rockerdev/rstudio:4.0.0` using Ubuntu 20.04) and add a bunch of the bioconductor components (note: my fork of the BioC repo; ), as follows:
docker build -t bioconductor_docker:4.0.0
docker tag bioconductor_docker:4.0.0 markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc
docker push markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc
Next, using Renku's previous docker builds (I'll thank Rok and Emma and Christine here, possibly others!), the tools that are needed under the hood of Renku are added:
docker build -t markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc_renku\#:docker/bioc
docker push markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc_renku
And then, it's _just_ Renku:
docker build -t markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc_renku_bio334ss2020
docker push markrobinsonuzh/renku:r4.0.0_bioc_renku_bio334ss2020
This latter one was also built within Renku's builders, so that it can be served up for our course.
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