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### *unreleased*
### 2021-10-22: `v0.4.1` *release*
- After last minute community feedback, we decided to modify the way we average the RPS for RPSS. Following [Weigel et al. 2007]( [#50](, [!23]( implements `RPSS=1-<RPS_ML>/<RPS_clim>`, whereas before we had `RPSS=<1-RPS_ML/RPS_clim>`, where angle brackets `<>` denote the average of the scores over a given number of forecast–observation pairs. Furthermore, we now penalize `NaNs` where numerical values where expected by `RPS=2`.
- We restart the [`s2saichallengescorer`](, which automatically fetches the new scores of previous submissions, so your old submissions are re-evaluated. If you want to evaluate your score yourself, please use the updated [`skill_by_year`](
### 2021-07-27: `v0.4` *release*
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