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......@@ -21,24 +21,5 @@ The simplest way to start your project is right from the Renku
platform - just click on the `Environments` tab and start a new session.
This will start an interactive environment right in your browser.
To work with the project anywhere outside the Renku platform,
click the `Settings` tab where you will find the
git repo URLs - use `git` to clone the project on whichever machine you want.
### Changing interactive environment dependencies
Initially we install a very minimal set of packages to keep the images small.
However, you can add python and conda packages in `requirements.txt` and
`environment.yml` to your heart's content. If you need more fine-grained
control over your environment, please see [the documentation](
## Project configuration
Project options can be found in `.renku/renku.ini`. In this
project there is currently only one option, which specifies
the default type of environment to open, in this case `/rstudio`.
## Moving forward
Once you feel at home with your project, we recommend that you replace
this README file with your own project documentation! Happy data wrangling!
Please see [the documentation]( for
more details about Renku.
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