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# WSBIM1207
# WSBIM2122
This is the Renku project for the course [WSBIM1207](
This is the Renku project for the course [WSBIM2122](
> The WSBIM2122 course is a project-based course that teaches the analysis of
> quantitative omics data. It is composed of three major parts:
> - Introductory material about the command line interface, advanced usage of R
markdown for reports and slides, linear models, and utilisation and
interpretation of gene set enrichment and over-representation analyses
> - Project 1: analysis and interpretation of RNA-Seq data, including high
throughput sequencing (HTS) data processing.
> - Project 2: analysis and interpretation of quantitative proteomics, including
mass spectrometry data (MS) and its processing.
> The WSBIM1207 course is an introduction to bioinformatics (and data science)
> for biology and biomedical students. It introduces bioinformatics methodology
> and technologies without relying on any prerequisites. The aim of this course
> is for students to be in a position to understand important notions of
> bioinformatics and tackle simple bioinformatics-related problems in R, in
> particular to develope simple R analysis scripts and reproducible analysis
> reports to interogate, visualise and understand data in a tidy tabular format.
The default setup is for students to work on pre-configured university computers
or, if they wish so, to use their own computers. This Renku project will
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