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### *unreleased*
- add `eccodes` to [`environment.yml`]( to resolve `cfgrib` `ImportError` (, !15, [Aaron Spring](
- Create categories by `groupby('week')`. (, !18 [Aaron Spring]( with help from [Sergi Bech Sala]( and [Llorenç Lledó](
- Regrid observations conservatively with [xesmf]( (, !18, [Aaron Spring]( with help from [Arlan Dirkson](
- Observations now have data at longitude=0 (, !18, [Aaron Spring]( with help from [Sergi Bech Sala](
- Missing `tp` observations after leap days added (, !18, [Aaron Spring]( with help from [David Landry](])
### 2021-06-19: `v0.3.1` *release*
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